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Undersecretary of the Ministry of National Defense


He was born in Gerede, Bolu in 1970. He completed his primary and secondary school education in Gerede and high school education in Bolu in 1988. He graduated from the Department of Public Administration of the Faculty of Political Sciences of İstanbul University in 1992. He worked as Research Assistant for a short period in the Public Administration Department of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Abant İzzet Baysal University. He started his Local Authority career as District Governor Candidate of the Governorship of Bolu in 1994. During District Governor Candidate internship, he received language education and made Professional research in Britain (Bournemouth) for 8 months. He worked as Deputy District Governor in the districts of Kurşunlu (Çankırı) and Ulubey (Uşak).

      He completed the following duties:

      . 1997-1999: District Governor of Felahiye, Kayseri

      . 1999-2001: District Governor of Yazıhan, Malatya

      . 2001-2003: Lieutenant Governor of Malatya

      . 2003-2007: Chief of Branch, General Directorate of Provincial Administration

      . 2007-2012: Head of Department, General Directorate of Provincial Administration

      . 2012-2013: Deputy Director General, General Directorate of Provincial Administration

      . 2013-2015: Director General, General Directorate of Provincial Administration

      . 2015-2016: Governor of Düzce

      .Academic Studies:

.He got his Master’s Degree in ‘European Studies’ in the Portsmouth University of Britain by writing the thesis titled “Border Security in the EU and the Integration of the Border Management System of Turkey.

.He completed his Master’s education in the field of ‘Industrial Relations and Human Resources’ in the Institute of Social Sciences of İstanbul University by writing the thesis titled “The Municipal Law no.5393 in Terms of its Contribution to Social Policy”.

. While he continues his Doctorate in the ‘Security Strategies and Management’ Department of the Institute of Security Sciences of Turkish Police Academy, he is also proceeding with the studies to write his PhD thesis.

. His article titled “Compensation of Damages Arising from Terror and Fight Against Terrorism” was published in the Issue: 142 of the İdarecinin Sesi Periodical (November-December 2010).

      .Projects and Studies Conducted, Professional Courses and Seminars Attended:

. He worked as project coordinator in projects titled “Support fort he Development of Displaced People in Turkey Program”, “Institutional Capacity Building in Basic Services” and “Child Friendly Cities” conducted by the Ministry of Interior and UN (UNDP and UNICEF)

. He worked as Project Leader in the “Improvement of Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Sector” project financed by EU and conducted by the Ministry of Interior with the technical support of UNDP.

. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Human Foundation.

. He worked as the Ministry of Interior representative in the Establishment of Turkey-Iran Joint Industrial Zone Joint Working Group.

. Apart from in-service trainings, he attended many courses, seminars, meetings and study visits at home and abroad.

Governor Ali Fidan, who was appointed as the Undersecretary of the Ministry of National Defense on 26 August 2016, is married. He speaks fluent English.


Contact Information

Phone: 0 312 402 61 00

Devlet Mahallesi, Yahya Galip Caddesi,

Bakanlıklar / ANKARA 06100