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Publish Date : 07.01.2015

Explanatory Information for Resident Abroad

Citizens residing abroad as required by law obliged to make the redundant polling. Our citizens; redundancy checking the "Redundancy POLLS" section in which they make polling dates, can learn redundancy ACCOUNT AGE OF EXAMINATION pressing the button. By redundant polling of the embassies and consulates of their location or "redundancy ATTENDANCE NOTIFICATION FORM" can make sending the local recruiting office by filling out the.

Our citizens residing abroad are given the mobilization of. Time task order is also called mobilization exercises or training to those who deliver the certificate of permanent residence to the local recruiting office through the embassy or consulate, are exempt from mobilization exercises or training. But time task orders continues.

The declaration of the mobilization task fiat spare time staff, they are called by their location proclaim their embassies and consulates newspapers or other publications. These calls are referred to in the representation on the incumbents have the required delay depending on the distance of the embassy or consulate of their place in the starting six hours to get the passport. After this period is considered to look from the embassies and consulates.

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