İsmet Yılmaz

07.07.2011 - 03.07.2015
24.11.2015 - 24.05.2016

  İsmet YILMAZ was born in Sivas, Gürün district in 1961. Following his graduation degrees from Gürün Cumhuriyet Primary School and Gürün Junior High School, he graduated from İstanbul Haydarpaşa High School.

  He graduated from İstanbul Maritime Academy, ( İstanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty) Mechanical Engineering Department in 1982 and from İstanbul University Faculty of Law in 1987.

  Dr. İsmet YILMAZ studied at World Maritime University in Sweden where he was granted MSc on "Technical Management of Shipping Companies" and MA from Marmara University-Institute of Social Sciences.

  Dr. İsmet Yılmaz also holds PhD in Private Law from Ankara University-Institute of Social Sciences.

  Following his service as an engineer and counselor for 20 years in both the public and private sectors, he was appointed as the Undersecretary of Maritime Affairs on 31 Dec. 2002.

  Dr. İsmet Yılmaz was appointed as Vice President of the Executive Board of Türk Telekom.

  He was appointed as an independent Minister of Transport on 08 May 2007 in accordance with Article 114 of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey.

  Dr. İsmet Yılmaz became Undersecretary of Ministry of Culture and Tourism on 01 Nov. 2007.

  Dr. İsmet Yılmaz was elected as a member of parliament for Sivas of the Justice and Development Party during General Elections held on 12 Jun. 2011.

  He was appointed as Minister of National Defence of the 61st government of Turkey on 07 Jul. 2011.

  Dr. İsmet Yılmaz is married, with 3 children and speaks English.