Minister of National Defence of the Republic of Turkey



Hulusi AKAR was born in Kayseri in 1952. After completing his primary and secondary education in Kayseri, he graduated from the Military Academy in 1972, the Infantry School in 1973 and the Army Command and Staff College in 1982.

He actively served in the Turkish Armed Forces for a total of 49 years. During his military career as an officer, he served in various positions at the Turkish Armed Forces and NATO including the command of Turkish Task Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1997-1998). As a flag officer, he commanded the Internal Security Brigade in Tunceli/Hozat (1998-2000), the Military Academy (2002-2005), the Army Command and Staff College (2005-2007), the Land Forces Logistics Command (2007-2009) and the 3rd Turkish Corps-NRDC-T (2009-2011). Following his promotion to the rank of General in 2011, he served as the Deputy Chief of Turkish General Staff between 2011-2013, as the Land Forces Commander between 2013-2015 and finally as the Commander of the Turkish Armed Forces between 2015-2018.

The main activities conducted during his tenure as the Commander of the Turkish Armed Forces are Counter-Terrorism Operations within Turkey including Internal Security Operations in some provinces and districts as well as across the border including Operation Euphrates Shield, Operation Olive Branch and Idlib Operation.

Hulusi AKAR was awarded with the Turkish Armed Forces Courage and Self-Sacrifice Medal by Turkish General Staff due to his outstanding achievements in Internal Security Operations, Distinguished Service Medal and Medal of Honor along with several medals by other countries.

Hulusi AKAR attended academic programs on Computer Programming at Middle East Technical University and International Relations at the Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara University. He completed his Ph.D. at Boğaziçi University.

Hulusi AKAR was appointed as the Minister of National Defence with the Presidential Decree issued on 09 July 2018.

Hulusi AKAR is married to Şule AKAR and has two children. He speaks English and Italian.