Press Release about the First Joint Ground Patrol in Northeastern Syria

Within the framework of the agreement reached with the American delegation between 5-7 August, the establishment of the safe zone has been going on as it was planned in the scope of the defined schedule.

Combined Joint Operation Center has begun operating on  August 12, 2019 in Şanlıurfa Akçakale to set up a Safe Zone in the north of Syria, east of the Euphrates , Unmanned Aerial Vehicle reconnaissance flights began on August 14, 2019. Since August 21, Safe Zone First Phase activities were launched, joint air reconissance flights were conducted between August 24-29 and  September 5. In accordance with the planned schedule, Turkish Armed Forces and U.S troops conducted their first joint ground patrol today at 09.17 in the south of Akçakale, Syria using ground vehicles, helicopters and UAV’s and the activity ended at 12.51 as it was planned.

Air and land joint patrols will continue in the coming days in order to supervise the activities for the establishment of the safe zone with care and precision to observe the practices in the field and to proceed in accordance with the schedule.

Joint efforts are ongoing without any delay to destroy terrorist shelters, to collect their heavy weapons, to ensure necessary conditions for withdrawal of the terrorists and return of Syrians to the area in the aftermath. 


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