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Hulusi AKAR was born in Kayseri in 1952. After completing his primary and secondary education in Kayseri, he graduated from the Military Academy in 1972, the Infantry School in 1973 and the Army Command and Staff College in 1982.

He actively served in the Turkish Armed Forces for a total of 49 years. During his military career as an officer, he served in various positions at the Turkish Armed Forces and NATO including the command of Turkish Task Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1997-1998). As a flag officer, he commanded the Internal Security Brigade in Tunceli/Hozat (1998-2000), the Military Academy (2002-2005), the Army Command and Staff College (2005-2007), the Land Fo...


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Minister Of National Defence Hulusi Akar Made A Press Statement Following The NATO Defence Ministers Meeting


Minister of National Defence Hulusi Akar attended the two-day NATO Defence Ministers Meeting which was held via secure teleconference. Minister Akar made evaluations about the meeting that ended today.


We just completed the 2-day NATO Defence Ministerial Meeting attended by NATO defence ministers via secure teleconference. The issues discussed included topics on enhanced defence and deterrence, global developments and NATO's activities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The condolences of our Allies, especially from the NATO Secretary General, were conveyed to us regarding our martyrs in the Gara operation. In return, we expressed our gratitude to them.

We emphasized that our fight against many terrorist organizations, namely DAESH (ISIS), PKK / YPG / PYD and FETO continues with full determination.

We gave brief information about Operation Claw Eagle 2 which was carried out against the PKK terrorist organization within the scope of combating terrorism in northern Iraq.

This operation which was carried out by mobilizing all available means:

- Revealed the scale of the PKK threat in the north of Iraq,

- Showed us that the PKK brutally murdered and martyred 13 of our citizens;

- Proved to us once more that the PKK and the YPG are the same terrorist organization, which we explicitly stated.

In addition, while efforts to expand NATO's mission in Iraq continue, we also stated that the PKK terrorist organization is the biggest obstacle to NATO's mission.

We underlined the importance of our Allies acting in unity, togetherness and solidarity in the fight against terrorism as a common threat.

On this occasion, I once again wish God's mercy upon our martyrs and pray for the urgent healing of our wounded. My condolences are first and foremost to their families, to the Turkish Armed Forces and to our noble nation.

The blood of our martyrs was not left on the ground. Everyone should know that our fight against terrorism will continue with resoluteness and determination, until the last terrorist is neutralized.

During the meeting, we also discussed developments in Afghanistan and evaluated the choices for the Alliance.

We highlighted in this context that until today, Turkey has fulfilled its responsibilities befallen on itself, and will continue to do so into the future for the Afghan peace process to be successfully conducted and for the peace and prosperity of our Afghan brothers.

On the other hand, we mentioned that Turkey has undertaken responsibility of the rapid-response VJTF task force which NATO may require in the event of a crisis in 2021. In addition to our current contributions to NATO, we touched upon our contributions to cyber capability and capacity, and added that we will be further contributing to Air Policing and regional security with our sea and air elements.

Meanwhile, we had the opportunity to once again emphasize on the importance of new technologies and the joint development of our capabilities in this area.

We expressed our support for NATO's adaptation efforts in the period leading up to the 2030s.


- We pointed out that it is important to demonstrate solidarity in the face of problems not only in words but also in action, and to meticulously maintain the principle of indivisibility of security in terms of the defense and deterrence of the Alliance.


Finally, by stating that the Alliance will be strong only if each of our allies are strong, we also brought to the clear attention of our Allies that licensing restrictions, attempts for sanctions or even the threat of sanctions against Turkey would only further weaken the Alliance.

Regarding this issue, we consider that some developments may occur in the upcoming period with the current talks held so far and with more to be held in the future.

While celebrating its 69th anniversary of its NATO membership, we expressed that Turkey will continue to play an active role within the Alliance and impeccably fulfill its commitments within it.

In conclusion, we can say that this two-day meeting which we expressed our views, suggestions and expectations on defence and security issues, was held in a constructive and positive atmosphere. We will follow the developments closely.

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