Statements of Minister Akar Concerning the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar answered the questions regarding the statements of the Greek officials concerning the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean.  

Minister Akar who made a call for common sense and cooperation stated that Turkey is determined to protect its rights. Minister Akar said that the sources of energy in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean should be a bridge for peace, dialogue and joint development and stated that maritime zone boundaries must be determined by agreement of all littoral states for a peaceful future.

Minister Akar who underlined that usurpation attempts by abusing international law shall not be tolerated said “Turkey is determined not to allow fait accompli and always to protect its rights arising from international law in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean and also the rights of the people of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as the guarantor state.”

Expressing that Turkey believes in resolution of all problems pursuant to international law, good neighborhood, mutual goodwill and respect and via dialogue, negotiations and peaceful methods, Minister Akar said he is following this policy and expecting from his counterparts to display the same sensitivity.

Minister Akar gave a message that, “The Republic of Turkey, in case of need, is ready to protect its national rights and interests with its deterrent and eminent national components of power”, by emphasizing that Turkey has adopted the compliance with international law as a principle and has no designs even on any small piece of territory of any country.

Minister Akar, also noted that, every nation should abstain from any steps that damage the mutual trust, peace and stability.



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