Inspections and Examinations Conducted by the Minister of National Defence in Hatay

Minister of National Defence Akar conducted inspections and examinations in the border units in Şanlıurfa and Hatay where he was accompanied by the Chief of General Staff Gen.Yaşar Güler and Land Forces Commander Gen.Ümit Dündar.

Following the inspections, Minister Akar and the accompanying delegation met with the Chief of National Intelligence Organization Hakan Fidan. During the meeting, the endstate in the northern part of Syria was handled.

At the meeting where the endstate in Idlib was handled  within the framework of the agreement signed in Sochi, the works regarding the continuation of the ceasefire and what needs to be done concerning  the providing of the peace and stability in the region were negotiated.

Concerning the issue, Minister Akar said that “Every effort was made in order to maintain the ceasefire and stability in line with the agreement in Sochi. Our close co-operation with Russia on this issue is still going on.”



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