Inspections conducted by Hulusi Akar, Minister of National Defense at the Military Units Located in Şanlıurfa

Minister Akar conducted inspections at the military units along Syrian border together with General Yaşar Güler, Chief of General Staff, General Ümit Dündar, Land Forces Commander and Lieutenant General Sinan Yayla, Deputy 2nd Army Commander.

After visiting the Office of Governor, Minister Akar and the accompanying Commanders departed for the 20th Armored Brigade Command to conduct inspections and meet with the commanders of units operating in the region among which special forces and commando brigades took place as well. Minister Akar received a briefing and gave instructions after which addressed to the brigade staff.

“We are doing our best to take every measure and to plan them, particularly to provide the border security for safety and peace of our country, nation and security forces” Akar said, stating the performance of various long-term activities and operations.


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