Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar Made an Official Visit to Belarus

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, who went to Minsk within the scope of an official visit, was welcomed by Dmitriy Pantus, Deputy Chairman of the State Military Industrial Committee of Belarus, officials from the Belarus Ministry of Defense, Turkish Ambassador in Minsk Kezban Nilvana Darama and other officials.

Minister Akar, who first went to the Independence Palace, met Belarus President Lukashenko. Akar stated that positive results would be achieved from works performed with the support of the Presidents of both countries and said “we believe that the current works on military training cooperation and defense industry will result in a positive and concrete way also in the future and that these relations will further develop in the forthcoming period.”

Minister Akar was welcomed with an official ceremony by Lieutenant General Andrei Ravkov Minister of Defense of Belarus and he saluted the escort of honor after the performance of national anthems. After this, Minister Akar and Minister of Defense Lieutenant General Andrei Ravkov chaired the meetings between delegations.

During the meetings, Akar expressed his satisfaction from the hospitality of Belarus which he visited for the first time, stated that there are amicable relations between Turkey and Belarus and said “we are pleased with the acceleration gained not only in the military and defense field but also in economic, social, cultural and all other fields.”

Lieutenant General Andrei Ravkov Defense Minister of Belarus expressed his satisfaction from Akar’s visit. Ravkov who said that this visit will give acceleration to the cooperation of both countries in defense field stated that there are important relations between Turkey and Belarus in other fields.


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