Minister Akar Made Evaluations Concerning The Meeting He Held With The Acting U.S Defence Secretary Shanahan

Minister of National Defence Hulusi Akar stating that he had a very positive meeting with the Acting Defence Secretary of U.S Patrick M.Shanahan  and also said that “ We have gladly observed that they better understood us on many issues and have become much closer to our opinions concerning the matters.”

Regarding F-35 aircraft project mentioned at the meeting, Minister Akar said that;“As strategic partners, our works are keep going on about economic and security issues. One of these projects is F-35. At the same time, we are a partner of F-35 project. As a partner of this project, we precisely fulfilled all obligations incumbent on us. As a matter of fact, this is accepted by all the Parties. Similarly, we expect the other 8 countries, who are also the partner of this project, to fulfill their obligations to us. We had an opportunity to mention this issue once again.”

Minister Akar, also emphasized that the flight training of the four pilot and technical training of the maintenance crew who were sent in the scope of the procurement of F-35 combat aircraft have been continuing.  Pointing out Patriot systems Minister Akar also stated that “A new proposal was put forward to us by the USA concerning the air and missile defence system which is the requirement of our country that goes through various phases about Patriot. We expressed them that the relevant authorities and the people are working hard and comprehensively on this proposal for the time. We have expressed that we will convey our opinions to them as soon as this work is completed.”

About the developments in the East of the Mediterranean Minister Akar stated that,

“Government bills were drafted by some Senators here. One of the government bills drafted was about the East of Mediterranean. We explicitly expressed our concerns and opinions on the issue. As Cyprus has some certain rights, our brothers living in Cyprus should also have the same rights and rights of the people of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus about energy sources should not be ignored. The works have to be conducted here by considering this reality, the contrary implementations shall not be accepted by us . We have conveyed them all these issues. I believe that our stance regarding the issues was clearly understood. We overemphasized these matters in this regard.”



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